“Lo With The Fro” was presented in the “Dear MKE” shorts program at the Milwaukee Film Festival on October 9, 2014. I will be reviewing each short – most under five minutes in length – and gauging whether they are worthy of expansion into a longer-form short or feature.

Next to the obvious commercials for Harley-Davidson during the Dear MKE program, Lo With The Fro was the most underwhelming of the bunch, but perhaps that has to do with the subject matter. In short films, you are allowed to pick a wider range of individuals to profile because you only have to spend a couple of minutes with them – they may not be worthy of ninety minutes of screen time, but at five minutes they are quirky enough to make it work. This is not the case with the titular character, who spends the three-minute running time making laudatory and obvious statements you’d expect from a “fish out of water” in a big city. With a technically-sound look from filmmaker Jessica Farrell, I kind of wished there was little more to Lo instead of this canned exuberance and nauseating love for a city that I do, in fact, love myself.