A grating little picture – it is an absolute nightmarish, horror-show to endure. Almost all of the tunes in this remake make you want to jam chopsticks into your ear canal, a tough feat when your star (Quvenzhané Wallis) is as adorable and spunky as a child actor can be. The big-budget musical, especially one that features one of the biggest miscasts of recent memory (Cameron Diaz is absolutely dreadful), just doesn’t work anymore because studios are trying to elevate the genre with more tricks and injections of our toxic pop culture wasteland instead of just focusing on what made the musical great: stories of love wrapped up in funny songs. Zombie films were brought back by 28 Days Later and they stuck around, and the same could be said for Spider-Man revitalizing the superhero movie, but when Moulin Rouge made the musical en vogue again, we’ve had to sit through more shitshows like Annie than sparkling gems like Pitch Perfect. Maybe it is time to take a break from the musical, Hollywood – you just don’t get it.